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We drill every Thursday at 1800 hrs (6pm) - 2100 hrs (9pm)  at the Armed Forces Reserve Center,  Naval Operational Support Center, Londonderry NH.
Feel free to visit our unit during drill and to get more information about our program. We are located at the links below.  Just ask for "Sea Cadets". Read more about For information

Sea Cadet Rifle Raffle

Congratulations to Mike Kennedy, Proud Winner of the Harlan R Dickson Div 2015 Rifle Raffle. His name was chosen on May 17, 2015 at the conclusion of the NH Sea Cadet Small Arms Weekend by League Cadet Brennan.
Also drawn were names of the winners of the Brtowning fixed blade knife and they are as follows:
Mike Sweeney             Bill Walver           James Mcneil         Paula Kozak          Drew Harvey
Mike Skubisz               Ron Jenkins         Mark Dickson         Andrew Mendes    David Powers
Read more about Sea Cadet Rifle Raffle

Welcome to the Harlan R. Dickson Division

Welcome to the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps, an organization that offers unique blend of opportunities for our Nation's young people. Cadets and their parents are urged to read through this website together to understand what is expected of them. Any questions about the material can be answered at the next drill by a senior cadet or an officer. Suggestions concerning this material or other aspects of our program will be considered. Read more about Welcome to the Harlan R. Dickson Division

Interested in Joining Sea Cadets -- Contact us!

We hold periodic group orientations/information sessions for prospective cadets, their parent/guardians, and adult volunteers who are interested in learning more about the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps.  We also invite you to come in and visit drill or discuss the program with our Officers. Read more about Interested in Joining Sea Cadets -- Contact us!

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